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GP4SAF | Data Aviation
GP4BTC | Data Miner
GALAXY | Data Aviation 3
ENTERPRISE | WN Confirmation

Unleash Your Worker Node
for Enterprise Solutions

Connect, Deploy, Verify: Pioneering a New Energy Standard with Open-Source Digital Technologies

Lift your Tokens
Lower your Tokens
Run a Worker Node

One stop, endless possibilities

EWX Marketplace is a secure and trusted home for hundreds of clean energy applications.

Connecting Web2 to Web 3
Explore numerous decentralized solutions to boost business value.
How to Lift EWT Tokens
In the app you can: Lift your EWT from the EWC to EWX, run a worker node, stake and earn rewards.
Total Value Locked
Total amount of (EWT) on the Energy Web X Chain
Worker Node Network
EWX lets you configure, launch, and maintain distributed computing networks that ingest data from external sources, execute custom workflows, and vote on results in order to establish consensus without revealing or modifying the underlying data.
Now: Worker Node Network
Next: Galaxy Subscription
Energy Web X
A parachain designed 
to secure, govern, 
and coordinate worker nodes via a decentralized network
A  solution developed by a company, EWF, or a consortium of companies
Worker Nodes
Software that performs 
useful work for companies
Safe and Secure
Secure your data and tokens with the EWX application, backed by Polkadot's Relay Chain.
Putting You in Control
Browse solutions by use case, geography, 
and reward schedule. Then choose how, when, 
and where you participate in Worker Networks.
GP4SAF | Data Aviation
GP4BTC | Data Miner
GALAXY | Data Aviation 3
ENTERPRISE | WN Confirmation
24/7 Discord Help Centre
Questions or issues? Personalized  support is just a message away.
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The Utility Token for Utilities

Energy Web Token (EWT) is the native utility token used to stake and pay for multiple services in the Energy Web Decentralized Operating System.

Get your Energy Web Tokens
EWT, the native cryptocurrency of the Energy Web Ecosystem is available on leading exchanges around the world.
About Energy Web - and why EWX
Energy Web offers two core solutions - Green Proofs and Data Exchange - as well as a range of Web3 infrastructure in its software-as-a-service platform. These solutions are powered by EWX.
Energy Web X
Energy Web
Learn more about EWX through video explainers
Explore EWX's depth through engaging video explainers, empowering you with insights!
Worker Node Networks
Energy Web Playground
Securing Worker Node Networks with $EWT
EWX Explained

For You

Designed and built for the community, and with the community

Join the thriving community of 
EWX Champions, volunteers for the Energy Web Community, are not employed by Energy Web.

You are invited to exclusive events, to learn more about the ecosystem

Your feedback and suggestions about EWX 
will be considered at high priority

You will receive a limited edition EWX Merchandise made only for EWX Champions

Have an impact on the UI - We value your feedback
As a champion, you can collaborate and influence the UI's appearance.
I like it! 🙂
We have just
refined the UI 🙌
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It’s perfect 💜
Test new features - in Beta Versions
Engage in testing and offer early feedback for beta versions to help shape the final product.

Help centre

Questions or issues? Personalized support is just
a message away.

24/7 Discord Help Center
Questions or issues? Personalized  support is just a message away.
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EWX Lightpaper
An introduction to Energy Web X

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